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 Families and pets are welcome in our "all age" communities.
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All Buyers must be approved by Mobilehome Parks, Inc. prior to purchase.
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May 11, 2020
For the foreseeable future, here are the sales protocols we are putting in place due to Covid 19:

1. A sales representative wearing a mask will meet you at the home you are viewing.
2. You must wear your own mask at all times and please leave your purse locked in your vehicle.
3.  The sales representative will unlock the home, opening all the doors.
4.  At the doorway you will receive a pair of disposable gloves.  When viewing the homes, do not remove your mask or glove and please do not touch anything.
5. When you exit the home you will remove your gloves and dispose of them in a bag provided.
6.  Social distancing of a minimum of 6 feet is required on all home viewings.

Thank you for your cooperation, we want you and our staff to be safe.   
#50 Harmony Acres
Prospect CT
#9 Harmony Acres Park
Prospect, CT
#47 Idleview Park
Naugatuck, CT
#128 Harmony Acres Park
Prospect CT  $94,500

#140 Harmony Acres Park
Prospect CT
#157 Harmony Acres Park
Prospect CT

#2 Liberty Park
Plainville, CT
New 2020 home 
Under Deposit
#157A Harmony Acres Park
Prospect CT
New 2020 home $72,500

#71 Harmony Acres Park
Prospect CT
#14 Harmony Acres Park
Prospect CT
Under Deposit
#19 Harmony Homes 
 Chicopee, MA
$105,000 + 6.25% MA Tax
#14 Idleview Park
Naugatuck, CT
New Price $34,900
#35 Liberty Park
Plainville, CT
#0 Idleview Park
Naugatuck CT
Under Deposit
#1 Liberty Park
Custom Order
Plainville, CT
Under Deposit